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About Us - BillPro

BillPro is an efficient Medicaid billing software for transportation companies in New York. 

Transportation companies play a crucial role in implementing Medicaid programs. They provide transportation to the handicapped population, so they can get to and from medical appointments, rehab, procedures, urgent care, pharmacies, and more. Vehicles and drivers are certified and provide safe and convenient trips for their passengers.  

BillPro software is aimed to ease the burden that all NEMT companies face daily: complex claim management and billing operations. There is nothing worse than rejected, denied, underpaid, or even unpaid claims, all due to errors that happen frequently, given the fact that providers perform dozens of orders per day.

BillPro software helps streamline and simplify claim management and billing operations. This software reduces various errors and inaccuracies, ensuring a much higher number of clean claims. There will be far fewer rejections, denials, or incorrectly paid claims. Therefore, providers will always get their reimbursements on time!  

Whether the transportation company is on a fast track and growing or searching to improve on the existing system, BillPro software will deliver full control of billing operations and make managing the practice easier than ever! 

The BillPro software developers have ensured that the technology meets all NEMT providers’ needs. Plus, our talented and experienced team is always here to help you! We’ll guide you through the implementation process and provide continuous support while you use our software. Rev up your success with powerhouse Medicaid billing software, BillPro!