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Medicaid Billing Software

BillPRO Medicaid Billing Software for Transportation Companies in New York

BillPRO is a leading-edge Medicaid transportation billing software. Its cost-effective, easy-to-learn platform is suitable for New York Medicaid transportation companies, including those that work out of state. Its primary purpose is to eliminate errors and ensure that providers are adequately reimbursed for the trips they perform. With best-in-class development, it will save you money and time while improving productivity. Let BillPro handle the many hurdles that arise in Medicaid billing while increasing your business efficiency and profitability.

Web-Based Portal

Easy to use, easy to access - No downloads or installations

Issue Resolution

Quickly address any issues that arise

Claim Corrections

Manage MAS claim corrections without stress

Auto Data Imports

Accurately download and import claim information

Auto Remittance Resolution

Take the hassle out of tracking payments

Provider ID Correction

Automatically resolve issues with medical provider IDs

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Correction Management

Manage your billing data corrections

Custom Reports

Get flex customizable reports

Cross-Platform Tool

Access your account from any device

Automatic Batch Update

Get Batch Update within 30 min

Toll Management

Manage your tolls

Cloud-Based System

No installation required

Error Check

Avoid MAS errors and discrepancies

Data Updates

Automatic MAS data updates

Overcoming Medicaid Billing Challenges

Billing Medicaid can be a time-consuming process with daily setbacks and inaccuracies. Making sure you are adequately reimbursed for your services is often an exhausting process on top of the work you put into your transportation business. BillPRO helps you avoid long phone calls, stacks of paperwork, and re-submitting claims over and over again. Submit clean claims and take out the headaches of Medicaid billing with BillPRO, the leading Medicaid billing software.

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All in all, claim management is a complicated procedure. That's why automating the Medicaid billing process is essential. New York transportation companies that use BillPRO Medicaid billing software make managing their practice easier than ever. There will be fewer errors, rejections, and denials and your business will run smoothly, accounting for every penny you earn.

Medicaid billing

Billing Medicaid in New York State

Medicaid regulations and limitations vary in every state. Even though state-based Medicaid programs have to meet specific standards instituted by the federal authorities, each state must establish its own Medicaid policies. It means that some states’ Medicaid coverage will be more or less extensive than others. So, it’s crucial to install software that targets a Medicaid program established in a particular state. That’s why our team has designed a New York Medicaid transportation software. We took into account all specific aspects of the New York City Medicaid policy so that billers and transportation companies can entirely rely on our software and perform their business without any hassles. This software will save you time and money!

Medicaid billing pricing

Price match guarantee. We’ll match your price or beat it. Guaranteed

Our Medicaid billing software for transportation companies is cost-effective—we guarantee it! Electronic claims are paid before any paper claims, making automatic billing a must-have for priority processing. With BillPro, all claims will be error-free: no incomplete claims, incorrect rates, invalid diagnosis codes, or duplicate claim-related denials. Providers have complete control over client data and accounts receivable, so they can validate everything (e.g., Medicaid balance billing, or even Medicaid retroactive billing) before sending it to the payer. This straightforward procedure is fully automated and takes only minutes, dramatically reducing denials. Everything is organized in the most efficient manner for accounting and A/R to increase cash flow. Plus, there are no hidden transaction fees. Our software is designed to deliver unmatched speed and accuracy that will keep your costs down.

EDI transactions give you the fastest billing possible

We believe in efficiency, so our software uses EDI transactions to submit every claim for faster submission and reimbursement times. By eliminating your manual billing process, you’re reducing the amount of rejected and denied claims you see, because every claim is checked for errors before it’s submitted to the payer. And, if any errors are found, you’ll be notified immediately so you can fix and resubmit without hurting your progress. Data entry is time consuming and tedious—BillPro solves both problems for an overall better Medicaid billing process.

Medicaid billing software UI

Easy to use web-based interface

We believe that billing Medicaid software for transportation companies has to be intuitive with an easy-to-use interface. With this in mind, we’ve developed a comprehensive, user-friendly, and reasonably priced platform. It meets all the out of state Medicaid billing requirements and plans, which, in turn, helps to avoid oversights and carry out accurate billing from beginning to end. Our Medicaid billing, web-based software is simple to learn—you can even use it as a NY Medicaid billing guide. The platform can be integrated with your existing software, simplifying the transfer of data and eliminating obstacles. With built-in logic and reliable controls, our software ensures accurate payment and reporting, processing data in minutes—not hours or days. Our software makes your workflow straightforward, accurate, precise, and fast.

Medicaid billing mobile app

Access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

Our web-based Medicaid software is easily accessible from your computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device, so you can work wherever it’s convenient. Check on Medicaid patient balances and billing information, in addition to updating records, confirming services, and much more. Make the most out of your time and money with our HIPAA compliant software!

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