BillPro feature spotlight: Auto remittance resolution

BillPro feature spotlight: Auto remittance resolution
August 10, 2021
Last updated on August 10, 2021
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Medicaid billing software is built to make the complex process of Medicaid billing simpler. Today, we’re looking at one particular aspect of billing software that we believe is a game changer when it comes to handling your claims. Having auto remittance built into a software system is crucial not only for tracking your payments, but seeing how much was paid, from who, and any other details about the payments so you can easily look back and review when you need to. There are a number of benefits to having auto remittance built into your Medicaid billing software, so we highlighted them below. 

Quick turnaround time 

If you’re receiving your remittance on paper, you’ll still be waiting days after the claim is finalized to get it in the mail. When it’s built into the software, you’ll get your remittance the same day the claim is finalized. 

Increase employee productivity

It’s easy for your employees to identify and address outstanding claims right within the software. When data is all stored in one place, your productivity increases and your process becomes much faster and more efficient. 

Reduce paper costs 

Reduce paper costs 

This one’s a no-brainer: when you switch to billing software, all data becomes electronic, so you don’t have to worry about hefty paper costs anymore. The same is true when software has electronic remittance. Instead of waiting for your remittance to come in the mail, you receive it faster and save money by eliminating the need for paper. 

Streamline reconciliation

Simply reconcile outstanding balances right within the software with more accuracy than ever before. 

Automated data storage

Paper files take up physical space in your office, and since you’ll want to keep all remittance on file for reference purposes, it’s much more convenient to have everything stored within your system. Not only does it free up physical space, it also becomes much easier to locate a specific file whenever you need it. 

Reduce administrative costs 

Reviewing and filing paper remittances could take hours by hand, but when it’s part of software, it takes only minutes. 

Find better software for Medicaid billing

It’s time to find the software you deserve. Book your free BillPro demo today to learn how NY Medicaid billing software can change your operation. 

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