How to Become a Medicaid Transportation Provider in New York

How to Become a Medicaid Transportation Provider in New York
October 02, 2020
Last updated on October 02, 2020
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If you are interested in how to become a Medicaid transportation provider in NY, this is the right post for you. Here, we’ll give you every detail on how to start your NEMT business and make money with it.   

Non-emergency medical transportation also known as NEMT is a transportation service created to address the needs of people with temporary or permanent disabilities, seniors, older adults living in rural areas, and other disadvantaged residents. Thanks to NEMT, these people can get to and from their healthcare appointments, ambulatories, hospitals, pharmacy, nursing facilities, and more. 

Becoming a transportation provider for Medicaid in New York is a profitable venture. 

What are the benefits of doing NEMT?

  • This type of business doesn’t require any special life-saving skills - it’s not an ambulance service, so you don’t need medical education to operate. However, if you want to stay competitive, you’ll need proper certificates.
  • NEMT business is profitable - if you only operate 20 hours a week at a rate of $25 per hour, you will earn $2,000 a month. Rates can be higher depending on the state. 
  • Demand for NEMT service will only grow with time - nowadays, seniors live longer, but their mobility can be significantly reduced. So, they do need assistance in getting to their appointments.

Below, here is a comprehensive guide for you on how to become a non-emergency medical transportation provider for Medicaid.      

Get a License

No matter what state you are going to operate in, be it Michigan,

Virginia, or Arkansas, you’ll have to get a license and register your company with the authorities. Note that laws and regulations vary by state, so the lists of required documents may differ in Florida, Ohio, Texas, NC, or any other state.  

Therefore, it is necessary to check the requirements of the region in which you intend to work so that you can prepare the correct set of documentation.

You can seek assistance in the following local organizations:

  • The Department of Commerce 
  • The Department of Licensing
  • Health Care Services Department
  • Community Transportation Coordinator

Buy ADA-compliant Vehicles

The right vehicles are the lifeblood of your business. You can’t go wrong with a bus, full-size van, or a minivan. But whatever model you choose, it must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

See some of the ADA requirements:   

  • The machine has to feature an elevator or wheelchair ramp.
  • An elevator or wheelchair ramp has to withstand a weight of up to 600 pounds. 
  • The machine stairs and doorway must be illuminated.
  • Stairs and door must be non-slip.
  • Guardrails and vertical rails have to be non-slip and convenient.
  • The automobile must have a spacious turning and maneuvering area for a wheelchair.

All machines in your fleet have to be dependable, safe, comfortable, and customizable as per client demands. There must be essential equipment like gurneys, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, dialysis machines, etc. This equipment will increase the overall start-up expenses; however, it’s a good way to stay competitive for your clients.

When you search vehicles and choose fleet traders, it’ll be wise to cooperate with manufactury-directed sellers and economize on agents’ costs. 

Get Insurance

You won’t be able to become a Medicaid transportation provider in NY without insurance, this is one of the NEMT standards required by licensing agencies. You should find an insurance company that can maintain unique business needs and enforces high standards. Opt for an all-in-one insurance program, although it will be more costly. Such a program will give you peace of mind: any harm due to an accident or bad road conditions will be covered. 

A proper insurance plan must include: 

  • General responsibility insurance
  • Damage insurance for machines
  • Proprietorship insurance for the organization’s premises
  • Machine liability insurance
  • Excess or umbrella insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance

Within time your company will grow and evolve, and you may want to change some terms in your insurance plan. For this reason, find out if the insurance company is flexible enough to meet your needs. 

Become an Approved Transportation Provider 

When you have checked off the above mentioned points, your following concern will be how to get a transportation contract with Medicaid. To get the contract, you’ll have to send an application to the Medicaid Transportation Management Service (MAS). 

All NEMT providers must get an approval from the NY State Department of Health through the MAS. The whole procedure is digitized and quite straightforward. You can see the instructions here.

As soon as you are registered in MAS, the staff will work with you so that you get trained on the system. After that, trips will be assigned for you, and you’ll be able to start your NEMT career.

Make Sure You Know How to Bill Medicaid 

We often get asked, “How do I get paid for driving someone with Medicaid?” To get reimbursements, make sure you understand billing processes. Medicaid billing plays a crucial role in the NEMT business cycle management. Unfortunately, providers and billers often face considerable difficulties with billing. Billing procedures must be done accurately and efficiently so that providers get reimbursements in time. One of the greatest Medicaid billing problems is filling up claims properly according to the state requirements. This procedure is complicated and entails special knowledge and competence. That’s why it’s always better to use advanced technology, which will help you avoid numerous human errors and streamline the entire workflow. BillPro Medicaid billing software is the right technology for NEMT providers. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose it: 

  • Errors get caught immediately so that claims can be submitted properly and fast. 
  • Medicaid prioritizes electronic claims, making electronic billing a must for fast reimbursements. 
  • BillPro software is HIPAA-compliant.

Final thoughts

Choose only the best for your future company, be it an insurance plan, fleet, or NEMT software. These things will make you more competitive in today's market. Use our simple tips to start and run, and succeed in the NEMT business!

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