What Services Should Be Offered by a Medical Billing and Coding Business?

What Services Should Be Offered by a Medical Billing and Coding Business?
July 26, 2022
Last updated on July 26, 2022
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A medical coding and billing business offers services for medical service providers to submit bills in a timely fashion. As a company offering billing and coding services in the medical and health care industry, you must provide certain services to your patients. What are they? Let’s dive right in and explore them.

A Comprehensive Solution Needed

As an organization offering medical billing and coding services, the first thing you need is a comprehensive solution for billing and coding. In this case, you must invest in software that can offer an error-free coding system. This will make sure that your claims processing and approval processes are smooth. 

BillPro is a solution that comes with a feature for error checks. If an issue arises with your medical claim, BillPro will proactively identify and resolve the issue. Most importantly, it is HIPAA compliant and works specifically well for a medical billing and coding business.

Now that we know about the comprehensive medical billing software in place, it is time to determine what services a medical billing and coding company offers.

  1. Account Reconciliation

A medical billing company will ensure to collect monthly bills, calculate the total, and handle funds transfers. Other services include taking care of cash postings, charge entry, and reconciliation of data.

  1. Authorization

Authorization that the insurance provider will cover the patient's medical bills can be a painstakingly long task. However, a medical billing service will work efficiently to secure the authorization as soon as possible.

  1. Audit

A billing company can also audit the accuracy of the charges submitted. The company may also verify claims accuracy based on each carrier’s requirement. 

  1. Accurate Billing

For accurate billing, the company has to get the codes right. Therefore, the company hires specialized coders to ensure that the claims approval is a straightforward procedure. However, a human-based billing process is always prone to errors, and only an advanced software solution can help rectify this issue.

Coding errors are the primary reason why claims face denial. Therefore, a reliable company will use billing software to get the codes right. This will not only help escalate the claim process but also save billing service providers and patients valuable time. 

  1. Dealing with Accounts Receivable 

A medical billing company must offer accounts receivable collection services. This allows medical service providers to avoid credit or collection problems. Some of the solutions include follow-ups and collection from insurance companies, as well as patients. 

  1. Electronic Enrollment

It is all about online services now. Therefore, a medical service provider must have a solution to submit patients' information and claims online. For patient enrollment online, all you need is their insurance and demographic details. This information is enough for the insurance provider to collect patient data conveniently. 

  1. Verification Services
    Verification Services

It is the responsibility of a medical billing company to verify that patient's medical coverage details are legit. Therefore, the company must verify the insurance plan, type, limits, etc. The company must also verify the patient's address, active status, and expiration date.

Book Your Free BillPro Demo Today

As a medical billing and coding company, you need to offer a smooth and organized service to your clients. The aim should be to get medical facilities the reimbursement for claims they deserve. While you may think using a third party to handle this side of your business is easy, it will cost you a considerable sum. 

BillPro allows you to automate and improve your billing and coding services. This is cloud-based software that will not only rectify errors but allow you to secure data as well. However, you do not need to buy the software right away. You can opt to book a demo and see how BillPro can help your organization and its operation. Once satisfied, you can consider integrating the solution into your company's existing operations. 

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